The Wool Inn

When I started creating the personalised monkeys I was using acrylic yarns which looked great, but as the monkeys became more popular I wanted to explore other options. So I started to use Panda Cotton Blend which is 50% Cotton and 50% Acrylic which gave a much softer feel. But I wanted to offer a more natural yarn, Sugar n’ Cream by Lily is a 100% cotton yarn which is one of the most popular yarns to use when making amigurumi.

Now the task was to find an Australian Independent Wool Shop that sold Sugar n’ Cream yarn. I discovered a shop called The Wool Inn, they have a huge range of quality yarns and especially the yarn I was looking for Sugar n’ Cream. Anita was very helpful so if you need any advice on what wool to use or any other knitting question she’s the lady to see. The Wool Inn is located in Penrith NSW, but if that’s too far you to travel then visit their website where you can purchase your yarns and other knitting or crochet accessories. Don’t forget to help support local business visit and like their page.

Our new soft toy range are made with 100% Cotton Yarn (Sugar ‘n Cream by Lily), not only is it a natural fibre but I love the feel of it. Also when using 100% cotton for our toys it doesn’t stretch and it holds their shape much better. I’m really loving look and feel of our adorable personalised toys. If you would love to give one of our Adorable Personalised Soft Toys to someone precious in your life, please visit our online shop

** Unfortunately Sugar n Cream don’t make the beige yarn anymore and I will no longer be using this yarn to make our toys.